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Walked  in louis walked out with a shirt, s-r-t that bih spells out “sert”‚ we gin put that boy up on a damn shirt‚ i’m smoking on green it looks like some terd‚ my diamonds are wet, b*tch look like obsered, sipping on syrup‚ that n*gga done curved, in dat mclaren, pull up she starin‚ she like my necklace, bring on veteran, sipping on medicine, this ain’t no lexus bih, f*cking on a lesbian, i’ll fight my bestfriend, f*ck two mexicans, up in that foreign, you boring, sh*t got me soaring, it don’t make no sense, i’m moving so motion, i’m moving so motion


I’m moving so motion, we causing commotion, i do not own sh*t, my n*gga we blowing sh*t, yeah we tote sticks, bet i own sh*t, and i’m on dis and i’m on dat, off a percocet, i might break a sweat, you is not a threat, someone ally that, yeah we taking that, yeah we holding that, push his sh*t right back, semi on a mac, bet that big go blahhh!

Pre-lude kidwave:

Walked  in moncler walked out with a shirt, ik boutta put that boy up in the dirt, i’m balling like my first name was durant, she a flirt, told her swerve, i hadda curve, you have some nerve, lay on her shirt, i’m blue like smurf, bird against the world, i don’t drink smurt, i’m off a bean, money counter go beam, he in a jeep, and we know that our team, and you know we go top speed, and friends smoking french weed, i really gotta see, now that jitmen free, money all i see, i can’t even read, unless it’s for that green, copy what i bleach, cuz i want da cheese, and she on her knees, ride me she gon cream, ride me she gon scream, life not what it seems

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