Aye, let's go

[Verse 1]
Chrome  Hearts on me
Laser  on me
Call Goonie up just to play that bro
Oh, this some new Rino? Yeah, play that hoe
Yeah,  you ain't even 'bout what you talkin' 'bout, b*t*h don't play that role
Yeah,  TwinUzis got good aim, please don't stand there, bro
Gotta keep my head in the game, I'm too f**king stoned, yeah
We  was riding 'round in that Glowzone, this sh*t federal
Cartier diamond look like Frozone
I'ma call you back, b*t*h, just hold on, yaya, woah
Alyx I don't rock no VLONE
Thought  she was for Lil Rino
I don't play no drums I'ma shoot that beat, yaya
Kan came in with the heat, though, yaya
Still ain't touch a M but at least I'm flee, hoe
Hop in the truck, I tell that b*t*h to go go, go
Don't need no n***as 'round me, b*t*h, I'm solo
Take my lil' b*t*h to Chanel, she want that Coco, yeah
Just bought a new Plain Jane that b*t*h was rose gold
Mans just called, said "The money clean?", I'm like "Hell yeah"
Took the b*t*h to Saks Fifth like "What you want there?
When you get rich as f**k, lil bro, you can wear what you wanna wear
When you get money lil gang she can take off her underwear
Yeah, you could not f**k with me no more that's cool gang
Don't give a f**k 'bout that sh*t I'ma still do my thing
I'm getting p*ssed off, b*t*h wanna wear my chain
Don't ever try to play me, b*t*h, I'm nowhere near lame
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