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"Plenty Hoes"

Plenty hoes
I  got plenty hoes
Yeah,  plenty hoes
Chanel, Number Nine with the Ksubi's doe
Let's go [?] I'm stupid doe
I'm  high as f*ck blowing that stupid dough
Pass  that lil b*tch to Kan doe
She a anecdote (let's go)
Shouldn't  have did that
Hopped out two b*tches they mismatch
[?] roof yeah finna hit the banks
Take a photo like Kodak
Off  a perc so smacked
She let me go [?]
Yelling out [?]
Valentino, bet that
YSL Saint Laurant backpack
My n*ggas no they keep a gun, bet that
You gon' f*ck around and get ya sh*t pushed back
Saying that sh*t that's two stacks
Oh sh*t I'm up now
Gotta rob that plug now
Left me she stuck now
I'm sipping on Act' baby
Thought it was a whole drought
My pockets fat baby
Woah, I gotta chill out
V12 engine finna pull off
Can't have no son b*tch I'm finna pull out
And the diamonds cold gotta chill out
Two million bands on the wrist, woah
Ten bands on the PJ
I play with the track like DJ
In a Telsa S on the freeway
The lil sh*t wasn't too easy
Young [?] like Weezy
She gon' do whatever we say
f*cking your hoe its too easy
Put cake on your head, Happy B-Day, yeah
She gon' f*ck the whole gang
Speeding up in that Bruce Wayne
Ten bands on the Helmut Lang
Rich as f*ck and I never changed

Plenty hoes, yeah
I got plenty hoes
Plenty hoes
Chanel, Number Nine with the Ksubi's doe

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