Boo Boo
Brent Rambo


Juggin' them bands online
She want me sell her a line
She said she f**king with me
I know that she telling a lie
n***as be talking down ok, ok, put the boy in the sky
Hop in that wraith, that wraith, ok now she want to see me outside
When I was broke I know that b*t*h didn't see me up in her eyes

I just bought some new Undercover, I feel like I'm in disguise, yeah
I'm in LA coolin' with Skys, yeah
She said she wanna slide
b*t*h, I'm glowing up like a light, yeah, yeah
Fool me once can't fool me twice, woah
Lil Rino, I'm too divine, yeah
Hop on a cruise let's talk about some bands, yeah
Bought some Ksubis just for pluses on my pants, yeah
Knew the real me wouldn't of went and f**ked that fan, yeah
Saw the invoice now she wanna have a chance, yeah
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