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Kankan on the beat
Yeah, yeah
Whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa

Get drugs off of the Tor
Lil' b*tch, we on tour
b*tch, we ballin' and we don't play sports, yeah, but we put that lil' car in sport, ok
We missed, mission failed
Call it a day, we gotta abort
But I swear next time we should've shot your ass, lil boy, we gon' score
Yeah, smoking on gas, f*cking up my vocal chords, woah
Lobbing 'em racks so fast like it was a sport
She calling, she calling, I'm getting annoyed, she ignored
Yeah, f*cking on a top model b*tch, she from the up north, yeah
Heard that you f*ck with them juugs, yeah
Heard that you f*ck with them scams, yeah
Sipping on this damn mud, whoa, R.I.P. Yams
She get excited when I put that b*tch on cam, yeah
Better get a VPN 'fore them n*ggas watch you on cam, woah
I'm finna score on him, but I finna goddamn slam, yeah
She call me "Papi" and "Daddy" I don't say "Mam", woah
She finna top me, I met her on her spam, yeah
She get sloppy, I can't even stand, woah
She get too close, I'ma give that lil' hoe a chance, yeah
Just ran up a couple bands, I'ma do my money dance
I'ma keep going hard 'til I get a hunnid bands, woah
We in a foreign car and we're f*cking on a fan, woah
It's getting hot in her, could you please turn on a fan?
No, we don't do molly here, b*tch we be off the xans

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