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"SwK Freestyle"

[Verse 1]
AK’s in the damn trunk
My n*gga rollin up them runts
Whole 4 bulldog on me
Eat that n*gga like lunch
Two shots to the head he done
I ain’t finna beef wit none of my sons
My shooters don’t be on IG
Them n*ggas the be out the way
I’m a big dawg get out the way
And ya hoe got kicked out the wraith
(Ya hoe got kicked out the wraith
She wanna kick it with slay, ohhh)

[Verse 2]
n*gga say he gone kill me okay den blow that b*tch
Before I let a pus*y ass n*gga kill me Imma blow that b*tch
pus*y ass b*tch said I’m broke, okay, imma show that b*tch
I promise my n*gga got a stick on him just can’t show that b*tch
Walked in the club wit a cool hunnid on me don’t even throw that sh*t
Free my n*gga Kevin out the jam, my n*gga gone blow that b*tch
Hunnid round on that Glock we ain’t finna reload that b*tch
f*cked on a n*gga lil b*tch when I was in the O an sh*t
Poured up some eights wit the gang, we all moving slow as sh*t
pus*y ass n*gga tried to shout, want me to repost his sh*t
Broke ass n*gga in a Volvo, sh*t moving slow as a b*tch
We in that C4 34 matics’ and they moving fast as sh*t
Can’t give my n*gga no percs he might just crash this sh*t
Don’t ask for no free verse you know I’m taxin sh*t
I ain’t buy my b*tch no purse and now she sad as sh*t
I don’t give no f*cks, I’ll slap a n*gga and his b*tch
Lame ass b*tch, she wanna be friends and sh*t
Yeah, so you know I’m finna f*ck on her friends and sh*t
I ain’t even gone f*cking drop this b*tch
f*ck it, I don’t even wanna finish this b*tch

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