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"Ran Off"

It's Surreal Gang lil' b*tch!
Lil' Eddie, Rino, Eddie
What you on now, Eddie (Gianni)
Like, Eddie, Eddie Gianni
Let's go Ed, Okay Ed, yeah
Okay Ed, woah

[Verse 1: Summrs]
Me and lil Kan' just pulled up, served the b*tch [?]
I got too many sons, I feel like a father figure
Yo' broke ass daughter keep whining, I'mma f*ck yo' daughter n*gga
Me and lil Wick hit a play, he'll shootout the [?] n*gga
Don't make me get off the Xans and shoot at all you n*ggas
The coupe don't got no keys, we push to start it n*gga
ACOG scope on that scene, we gon' paint it like an artist kid
I just made a big five band deposit, yo' boyfriend sellin' mid
I don't care who it is, I'ma hit you with the stick
I'm sippin' on Hennessy, I feel like the President
She got an accent, say she f*ck with my content
Shooters like Zach Randolph, jugg the plug, yeah I ran off
I get higher than Rudolph, I just bought a b*tch a new dog
See me, she take her clothes off, Twin Glock, It's a standoff

[Verse 2: Kankan]
Yeah yeah, lame ass n*gga giving info
Keep the P90 n*gga, got the info
Opp over there, 10-4
Yeah the XD, shoot out your rental
And the whole damn Slay in the sprinter
Big Moncler coat, like it Winter
And the K, it built like a missle
And the pistol, lil n*gga, won't miss you
We in that Roadster, yeah, f*ck a Fisker
Look at them hollow tips, they might just kiss you
Pour the lean out the damn pitcher
Yeah, the Soldiers, they get up with you
You and gang can't take no pictures
CLS, n*gga, ain't no rental
Eddie Gianni
She gon' f*ck, 'cause the racks got bigger, (Yeah)
Uh huh, huh yeah
Slayworld Soldier

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