Chop His Legs


That Drac came with some red tips and uh muthaf**kin Leg!
He was talkin out of his top we gon chop off his leg!
Im in Dolce, spending all this bread!
Dont try to get away boy im in a f**kin Scat!
VVs got it feelin all up in her cat!
Dont get the job done Imma make they ass spin back!
Boy i got real killas that still live up in the trap!
PTR Bop, knock is ass off the map!
Better bust you sh*t Kan gon bust his!
You Could Tell Im Off Sum my Eyes Bloodshot!
Give Kan an ecs pill and he gon headshot!
Im sippin on pure f**kin Codeine is dat straight drop!
Boy I seen a half a million dollar loan f**k is u talkin bout!
I live where da white people live and I still got choppas out!
Yeauh! Watch me do his dance hе finna walk it out!
Dont Try Me Up in This b*t*h My n***a Air It Out!

That drac came with a .308 and a drum on it
I dont wanna f**k that bit lil baby nah just suck on it
When that doublе drump hangin on me it got nuts on it
Im in that big body range and it got a clutch on it! (Clutch! Clutch!)
When im in the city i gottas clutch on it
I just rolled up an Opp and my bro say he wanna puff on it
Dont get the job done , imma make they ass spin back
I showed her a lil ass 5 and now she wanna f**k for the racks
Catch me with the fye and i treat this sh*t like the racks
Better bust yo sh*t 30 trynna Bust his!
Another Opp just died said it from a Gunshot!
b*t*h mad that im leaving said she wanna talk it out!
I got a moncler on new season thats the word around!
Dont play in this b*t*h my lil n***a he gon air it out! he gon [?] it out!
I was finna f**k that b*t*h but she be fanned out
You first snaked me b*t*h and i found out you gotta die now
I got uh AR on me and ride around with some live rounds

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