Finessa lyrics


You got mail
Ayy, No, Ayy
I f**k them b*t*hes tho

[Verse 1]
Baby girl, I know that you feather
He talking so I put him on a stretcher
These n***as broke as sweat, They need a catch up
I ain't talking about no catch up
I'm flexing on these n***as like Bob Noslesmar
I'm flexing so much but I'm not no wrestler
She gave me good brain like she claver
Gucci, Loui, All on my sweater
I swear a no n***a better
Can a n***a do it better?
I'ma f**k once, Then I'ma f**k on her friend, Yeah

I'ma finessa, I'ma finessa
I'ma finessa, I'm the biggеst flexer

[Verse 2]
Finessa for thе guap, I bareilly made it
Come thru with the mask like I'm Jason
I can't be you cause' I'm not a basic
These shades on my face, They couse a baosic
My pants comes from sex fist
Baby, I'm young, I'm not average
My d**k gang fantastic
Money longer, Thank that sh*t elastic
Boy, That ain't ever gold, That is plastic
You ain't getting money, Stop the capping
n***a you just rapping
All that sh*t is talking, You ain't about it

I'ma finessa, I'ma finessa
I'ma finessa, I'm the biggest flexer

I'ma finessa, I'ma finessa
I'ma finessa
I f**ked them b*t*hes tho

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