Race It (feat. Summrs) lyrics



[Verse: Summrs]
It ain’t my fault that I keep pourin’ up
It ain’t my fault yo b*t*h keep hittin’ me up
These n***as don’t wanna see me up
f**king wit’ me or the guys you’ll catch a slug
I just went big, stuffed the rest of my racks in my Laurent
All I think about Is bread I get that weed ain’t talkin’ croissant
I just poured a six up in LA feel like LeBron
How you gone ride for yo n***as? You can’t even pay his bond!
My lil’ b*t*h just went blonde and now all she wanna do is bond
Just had a talk with god told him all I wanna do is shine
She keep tellin’ me im toxic, and I keep blaming it on my sign
They saying that Rino a addict cause he be pouring up all the time
These n***as be claiming they sipping they drank float straight to the top
When I pour up my drank go straight to where y’all be at (the bottom)
Keep it real with the hoe, tell her I don’t want no strings attached
Put a 30 in my system and all I speak is facts

[Verse 2: Murkuri]
Brand new Vivienne it cost me bout’ a rack
I could blow a bag in Chanel and still make it back
He said he got’ put hit on me that’s f**kin cap!
Got some n***as to do the work for me don’t need a strap
I f**ked his b*t*h in his face, and he still tryna’ give me dap?
n***a still want feats for free? Boy you must be on crack
No matter what you do she choosin’ me cause my pockets fat
Money comin’ to me but im still stuck in the trap
2 tone patek on me, so many familiar faces
Why you buy that CLS if you ain’t finna race it?
I just turned on vpn, so the feds can’t trace it
All these hoes in my dm, but they all too basic

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