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Summer Walker


[Verse 1]
Even though I don't wanna show emotions
I'm open
Not the type to try and double back twice
But you had me runnin' right back, back
Had me c*mmin' back to back, yeah
Grab you by your neck, yeah
Tell you arch your back, yeah
Tell you to shut your ass up
Rushin' here real fast just to take it slower
No, I ain't these other hoes and, boy, you let me know, uh

Baby, all I gotta say, nobody get they way faster
Claimin' that you're here to stay, we'll see how it plays, actor
Boy, you say you're done with games and more
We gotta get deeper now
Deeper and deeper now, woah

Wonder how you give it to me so good (Good)
Guess I never had a real n***a from the hood
But you gotta understand, this wasn't in my plans
You tryna get deeper now
Feelings is deeper now

[Verse 2]
Use them lips, know I like to kiss, baby (Oh-oh)
Takin' trips, had to get away, baby
Postin' pics, all in our business
Ain't no distractions, all 'bout that action, boy
Hope you not wastin' my time
I want to give in but scared to rely
I want to feel, boy, but you ain't mine sometimes
But it can't go to waste
Ain't a n***a who could take your place
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