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Master P Lyrics

Tony Montana (2018)

The Ghetto Poet (2017)

CP3 (2015)

Definition of Fuck Shit 3 (2015)

Empire, From the Hood to Hollywood (2015)

We All We Got (2015)

Al Capone (2013)

The Gift (2013)

The Luca Brasi Story (2013)

Get Money Soundtrack (2011)

Hurricane Katrina - We Gon' Bounce Back (2005)

Living Legend: Certified D-Boy (2005)

Based on a True Story (2004)

Appearances: Book 1 (2002)

West Coast Bad Boyz: Poppin' Collars (2001)

Foolish (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1999)

Charge It To Da Game (1998)

Let's Ride [CD Single] (1998)

Memorial Day (1998)

No Limit Compilation: We Can't Be Stopped (1998)

No Limit Soldiers: We Can't Be Stopped (1998)

I'm Bout It: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1997)

Scream 2: Music From The Dimension Motion Picture (1997)

Good Girl Gone Bad (1995)

West Coast Bad Boyz: High Fo Xmas - EP (1995)

West Coast Bad Boyz: Anotha Level Of The Game (1994)

Boss of All Bosses

Da Crime Family

Da Holocaust

Escape From the Mental Ward

I'm Bout It soundtrack

Mean Green Presents: Major Players Compilation


Philadelphia Eagles 3

Rain Drops

Silkk The Shocker

Venom Media Presents: The Deal Show Soundtrack

Other Songs

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