Kendrick Lamar
N95 (Demo)
Lyrics from Snippet

Get back in pocket

The world in a panic, the women is stranded, the men on a run
The prophets abandoned, the law take advantage, the market is crashin', the industry wants
N***as send b*t*hes to sleep in a box while they makin' a mockery followin' us
This ain't Monopoly, watchin' for love, this ain't monogamy, y'all gettin' f**ked
Jumping in a what the hell is that? I gotta relax when I feel (Huh, facts)
All my descendants, they come in my sleep and say I am too real (Huh, facts)
I'm done with the sensitive, taking it personal, done with the black and thе white, the wrong and the right
You hoping for changе ...