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Kendrick Lamar

"On 808 Flow’$"

Yea, yea, yea (x4)

Uh , Yeah (x2)

Yeah! yeah! yeah!

(Lui$ too Thrill - Verse 1)

Hundred' bills up in my pocket
Got a space ship so I'm barely walkin'
Designer and some diamonds what I'm rockin'
If yo pockets deep then yo pockets do the talking

You already know, Swervin' off the UFO
sh*t is foreign and you know it's finna blow (yuh)
Pistol poppin' get the people on the floor
Middle finger to these demons, as I blow the smoke!

Type of sh*t to choke
Third eye vision so we woke
Holy water spray em down, till they soaked
Fergy told me, spray it at em, and reload


Rubber bands to the face
I'm in love with money fragrance (yuh')

Light the blunt up b*tch I'm flamin'
But tell these motha f*cka's do not miss a payment
Burnin rubber on the pavement
JESUS on the wheel, while we bumpin' up some Satan
Light the lettuce when the base in
sh*t's amazin' whole squad an we blazin'

Prezi plane Jane, code red yelling may-day
Switch the weather with a hunnid' thou' b*tch it's raining !

(Lui$ too Thrill - Bridge)

Got these diamonds on that winter cold

And I never sold my soul because the sh*t gold

Expose the chrome to your dome

And send you home !
Yeah uh, (x2)
Send a motha f*cka home (x2)

(Kendrick Lamar - Bridge)

Everybody put three fingers in the air
The sky is fallin' the wind is callin'
Stand for something or die in the morning
Section 80

Astronaut just landed !

(Lui$ too Thrill 2nd Verse)

Uh, Uh
I be on my Holy Gospel sh*t
Whipin' in some foreigns with Apostles sh*t
12 Deciples can't decipher what the fossils left
Indica strain for the cypher then


Put them at ease
Everything supreme
And nothing what it seems
Running through the earth, with the team
As I breeze right through
These Benjamin blues

Yeuh, Yeuh, Yeuh, Uh'

Let these dead presidents talk
f*ck a house, in the hills My house built on the rock
Phone goin' off, like we got that sh*t in stock
People sleepin' on me, so I make em sleep walk
Rocks on my clock, just to hear em tic-toc (uh')

An I'm swervi' and it's leather interior
What goes up, most come down but my heights superior

Got the system overload
Check the torque on road
The way I'm runnin' it's a different mode
f*ck you mean, I cracked the code
The truth untold, got the system overload !!

Yuh, yuh, yuh
Diego is the zip code
Gold Soul, unfold, clip unload
Like we ready to build, and destroy !

Uh I said;

Diego is the zip code
Gold Soul, unfold, clip unload
Like we ready to build, and Destroy !!

I hope that you enjoy !!

(Tame Impala - Outro)

(It feels like I only go backwards, baby
Every part of me says, "Go ahead"
I got my hopes up again, oh no, not again
Feels like we only go backwards, darling)

Feels like...

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