Kendrick Lamar

"On 808 Flow’$"

Yea, yea, yea (x4)

Uh , Yeah (x2)

Yeah! yeah! yeah!

(Lui$ too Thrill - Verse 1)

Hundred' bills up in my pocket
Got a space ship so I'm barely walkin'
Designer and some diamonds what I'm rockin'
If yo pockets deep then yo pockets do the talking

You already know, Swervin' off the UFO
sh*t is foreign and you know it's finna blow (yuh)
Pistol poppin' get the people on the floor
Middle finger to these demons, as I blow the smoke!

Type of sh*t to choke
Third eye vision so we woke
Holy water spray em down, till they soaked
Fergy told me, spray it at em, and reload

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