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Kendrick Lamar

"G-String [REMIX]"

[Schoolboy Q]

O-orange laces, for my shoestrings
Pistol on me, dope is in her g-string
Ridin' in my mothaf**kin' Coupe-Ville
Groovin' with my mothaf**kin' locs still

[Ice Cube]

I'm sick wit' it but it'll still take ten of y'all
To take the Emperor's temperature
Can I represent wit' ya?
Smokin' hemp wit' ya
Pass the blunt from East to West
Cube to KRS (yes)
Take it from the Don
Where I'm from the Man of Steel is made of teflon
Keep yo' vest on
Hit me with yo' best one baby
And watch me mack you
Comin' through with hard *** Shaq-Fu
Never up in Spago's when we knock hoes
Head her off with some Reeboks and cagos
Westside rollin' even if the car's stolen
Even if my eyes shut and jaw swollen
That's how it's goin' down
You always smile when I frown
Cause you want the crown
You f**kin' clown
I keep it real no more beef with Cypress Hill
Now we super friends makin' super ends
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