Kendrick Lamar

"M.A.A.d city 2"

(Volume increases with 2Pac talking in the background:)
...It's gone be like Nat Turner, 1831

[Intro/Refrain 1 & 2 - Kendrick Lamar]
Aye, on my mama, n***a
I'ma be the greatest to ever do this sh*t
On, my mama, though, like

But, I told 'em "I can't sugarcoat the answer for you
This is how I feel:
If somebody kill my son, that mean somebody getting killed"
Tell me what you do for love
Loyalty and passion of all the memories collected
Moments you could never touch
Let somebody touch my mama, touch my sister, touch my woman, touch my daddy, touch my niece, touch my nephew, touch my brothеr
You should chip a n***a ten toes or blow it in his lap
Matter fact, I'm 'bout to spеak at this convention
Call you back
*phone and receiver encounter*

[2Pac - Verse]
Black cop
Steady stressin' Smith & Wesson's
Count my blessings, class is in session
The worst question is the first question
Why do we work like slaves, sweating blades, to an early grave?
Never got paid, but still we swear even the [?]
Answer that, then answer this, too
Thug's gonna get you; you know it's true
Life's a b*t*h, true
You besta backtrack, and try to act black
And live; not to be phony and bother-ive
But why be negative?
What's the matter, G, black cat got your tongue
Fact: track got you sprung
Now you hum (Do you feel me?)
Dum-dum-ditty, it's a meet
Attention, reach each and every brotha' on the streets
If not peace, then at least let's get a piece
I'm tired of seeing bodies on the street, deceased
Looking through my high school yearbook
Reminiscing of the tears as the years took
One homie, two homie, three homies, poof!
We used to have juice, but now there's no more youth to shoot
God come save the [?]
Lost, ghetto souls of black Comp'n
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