Kendrick Lamar

"Bars (Interlude)"

Dreams of us living lavish in fabrics, so fine linens
Spending, established; with women dining and laughing
But, this environment got us violent, ready to crash society
Take this driver seat, hope you fast' it
Your seat belts twice
When I rolled them dice, I crapped
So many times like a bill could see "No's" from scratch
Too many daps you might receive from the things you achieve, relax!
That's what my mental say, but my physical's been detached
I'm on some other sh*t like f**k the government
The mind [?], where's the mother ship?
I made a covenant that I was changing, but my luck is bent
Quite disgusting when reality tainted, where the f**k you been?
Left him face down like he was plankin'
In a cold world, where ole' girl and her homebody gotta motive
You can bench curl your tribulations, that sensations' insulting
Got a wifey or a mistress, n***a, which one you indulging?
Regardless of who you pick, life's a b*t*h when you ain't focus (n***a, n***a, n***a)
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