Brown Noise lyrics

Danny Brown

[Verse 1: J.U.S]
Uh, yeah
I need a down-payment and a remodeled basement
Model on my lap, she got a player on the waitlist
I did favors for n***as, couldn't wait to say sh*t
Scrambled my whole brain
Skip that four piece, I need parts of that whole thang
Line around the block, got the fiends like Soul Train
Bad hoes and swipes turn Spirit flights to [?] plane, n***a
I'm [?] and a baby, folk riding with me, got the same guns the Navy got
88 came with the extra stock
I been around a long time, I need restin' spots
And a place to shop
I like my malls like the Galleria, Hermes in the Gucci sto'
My b*t*h like to be a diva
If she belong to the streets, then the streets can keep her

b*t*h gon' FaceTime me
b*t*h, I hold my wrist up, pop my rubber band
She say "where yo' watch at?"
You right b*t*h, where's my Rolex?

[Verse 2: Danny Brown]
Copped the Rollie from the pawn shop, it was non-stop
Me and my n***as cop back-to-back, it was an onslaught
Gun c*cked, you try to touch and get yo' [?] rocked
Sun stop, me and my n***as, we on the [?]
[?] you [?], you get your b*t*h rocked
[?] we on that Summer Slam, that Killa Cam
Goddamn, against me and you, you get yo' sh*t blammed
Oh man, [?]
Goddamn, you disrespect, we have a shoot-out (Shoot-out)
b*t*h on my d**k, that's what yo' boo 'bout
Move out, if you ain't with the crew, you gettin' threw out
I knew 'bout [?] tell yo' b*t*h was blew out
Ooh wow, she got a fat ass, she gettin' flew out
Ooh wow, got them lambchops on them lollipops
Ooh wow, you ain't gettin' money, what ya talkin' 'bout?
Ooh wow

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