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Kevin Abstract

"BROCKHAMPTON Sway’s Universe Freestyle 2019"

[Part I]

[Intro: Kevin Abstract, Joba, Henock Sileshi, and Dom McLennon]
Woo woo (Ayy)
Woo, woo
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Shoutout Sway in the mornin' (Ayy, whaddup Sway)
Ginger (Ayy)
Yo, Merlyn, Merlyn, Merlyn (Ooh)
Mic check, mic check (Ayy)
Mic check (Ayy)
Mic check, mic check (Ayy, it's checkin')
Mic check, mic check (<>Ayy, it's checkin')
Mic check, mic check (Uh, one, two, it's checkin')
Mic check, mic check (Uh, one, two, it's checkin')
Mic check, mic check (Uh)
Mic check, mic check

[Verse 1: Matt Champion]
Came up in this b*tch, Sway, and I ain't use protection
There's a whole lot of us, think we need another section
Shoutout Four Strike, shoutout Brian, shoutout Preston
Look, this is just my first impression, lemme give you a lesson

[Verse 2: Merlyn Wood and Joba]
Ayy, yuh
We the best man , I am Mr. Badman (Uh)
My name Mr. Merlyn (Uh), and I be the trashman (Trashman)
That's your album (Uh)
You couldn't sell two (Uh), if you pressed a double album

[Verse 3: Joba, Merlyn Wood and Dom McLennon]
Suckin' on kinky binkies
They put the pole in their derrières, we drink milk straight from the titties (Titties)
She call me daddy, play truth or dare (Truth or dare)
Lysergic acid on gummy bears
Sour or sweet like the Chinese chicken
If the booty bouncin', I stop and stare

[Break: Joba and Dom McLennon]
Don't know what else to say (Yeah)
Somebody else go hey (Yeah, ayy)
Dommy, Dom, ayy (Yeah, yeah, ayy)
Yeah, yeah (Hey, Dom)
I'mma get it now (Hey, hey Dom)
I'mma get it now (Just get it now), I'mma get it now (Just go, just go)
Let's go, uh, uh, uh, uh

[Verse 4: Dom McLennon]
Said, "Change your clothes," like Pharrell to Jay
Prolly wearin' how I feel today
Bootleg Versace, platters on the platter
We servin' these n*ggas like B2K
Roll paper planes of that MIA
Bari got visa, he here to stay
n*ggas is talkin', they do not play
I game for keeps, like I'm Dolla, Dame
n*ggas know I do not play when I run in this beat
n*ggas know I be runnin' in these streets
Like I'm a vagabond
Everything I do I f*ckin' get ratted on

[Verse 5: Merlyn Wood]
Do what I want
This what I do what I want
I see it, I like it
Now it's in my pocket
Off the top, off the topic
I'm off the top, and I'm off the topic
Doin' sh*t off the topic
She wanna sloppy top me
I'm not that naughty

[Outro: Kevin Abstract and Joba]
You a freak hoe
Ginger radio

[Part II]

[Verse 1: HK]
Okay, Brockhampton on Sway
Nah, nah, okay
He just love to skate
And you know a n*gga got an HK
Man, I got an HK
I mean, I got an AK
Not watchin' any day
You just go and say okay
Now you see me on YouTube
I dunno what to do, bru
I don't know what to do, do
I'm just rappin' on Sway
Ian, go and take it away
You got it?

[Verse 2: Kevin Abstract]
Mic check, mic check
Mic check, mic check
Brockhampton, never threatened
Never feel pressure from the threat
I coulda been Nas, I'm more like Lil Nas X

[Part III]

[Verse: Merlyn Wood and Joba]
Right here, I'm right here baby (Right)
I'm right here, I'm right here baby (Right)
Give it to me, I take it away, like, uh, deep in the night, yeah (Hide away)
You know me, M-E-R-L-Y-N
I do this wearin' sh*t I don't try in
Dodging' any obstacle

[Part IV]

[Intro: Joba and Merlyn Wood]
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh (Bounce baby, bounce baby)
Ooh, ooh (Bounce baby, bounce)

[Verse 1: Dom McLennon]
Watching' my life change in front of my eyelids
Saint without a God, I represent for the hybrids
Was ridin' out through the city, when somethin' hit me
Just to go on and say f*ck anybody not comin' with me
'Cause there's only one of me
Without y'all, there be fifty n*ggas
Really must be silly, I can break it down so simply
To a point where you would figure and nearly forget what I'm sayin'
What can I say man, I guess I am a rap genius
King flow, only seven queens on my p*nis
Ice man, you can see frost on every anklet
Rollin' up the greenest, odd future, you couldn't dream us
Saw my life upon the floor, went to go pick up the pieces
I really broke it down
Like I was a Mobb Deep with the choir sound
Quiet storm, when I go with the violent storm
Everybody know I'm spittin' in my final form

[Verse 2: Merlyn Wood]
Final form, yeah, you see me, bruh
I used to have blond hair like Vegeta
I used to be smokin' that reefer
But I ain't smoke today, Sway
How Sway, how Sway?
Sway, are you okay?
Somebody tell me
I'm hot, somebody jail me

[Verse 3: Matt Champion]
b*tch, I told my dogs that I gotta ball
I'm from Texas, so it's all y'all
Catch me, b*tch, that's a trust fall

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