DAYLIGHT* lyrics

Kevin Abstract

[Hook: Kevin Abstract]
Not everybody I know holdin' onto daylight (jeeeee)
Not everybody I know holdin' onto daylight (jeeeee)

[Verse 1: Kevin Abstract]
Damn it I won't go, dammit I won't flow
Damn it I don't ride on my own plane, doing my own thing
Still in this boat
I feel alone man, I'm so alone man
All of this rope
Let me inside, where did you go
I need a seven to let me to glow

[Verse 2: Matt Champion & Kevin Abstract]
I been in my stride, think I need an ice bath
Hit my hot spot so I do it like that
Mind of a predator, you know I bite back
When my eyes stay close know I love it like that
Lick-a lick-a sticker with a stamp of approval
Rumour flick that you get down like a gasoline lamp and it's see through
Straight through the vines, [?]
Ruffling the minds
Couldn't see all the signs when the [?] 'cause I got so far from the vines
Could you resemble a python in the wild after God didn't let you
Fly with you, be able to guide a child in this world
Pressure in the sky, think God want a diamond
I never lie with my mind
I'm up down, like a geyser
Double milkshake, large fry 'cause nostalgia
Stay stay sleek like a croc in the water
See bad times, sharks flying, lemme alter
You believe in no falters, no trial
No error, just terror (one more?)

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