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"Youngest Flexer"


[Verse 1: AFGoblin]
This beat kinda crazy though
Felt it was bout to be amazing bro
You don't even show
The real ones already know low key
They say "yo pop these"
They already know me
Homie, grow please let's get it
I don't care you gotta forget it
Ice on my wrist I keep with the drip
I keep staying lit til death do us part
Resurrect then restart, no part in this
And that ripping these raps, no cap
Snow all over the ground need a nap
Need to go away, runaway as fast as I can
Oh damn, oh your so bad like Comic Sans
Like listen fam, I'm dissing them, killing

[Verse 2: Mikey Nolan]

[Verse 3: AFGoblin]
That got a bit too serious
Neck ice is making me wonder if
I got potential to be the youngest flexer
Of where I live, pendants affirmative
It's permanent but
I have no face tats to accommodate it
But I'm cool with it
My verses is venomous and very sick (cough)

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