LACKIN V2 lyrics


[Verse 1: RIVEN]
n***as they be lackin' in the field
n***as [?] on me, yeah these n***as know the deal
[?] hop up out the Uber then you know I'm ballin' hard
[?] price [?] wildin' out
We carry 'em .30s and we keep 'em in the couch
If you is a broke n***a, stay up in the house
Online money, I'ont keep it in a pouch
These n***as done be f**ked up, they thinkin' that I'm broke
And you a goofy n***a, I tell you as a joke
We gettin' money like a n***a sellin' coke
And we gon keep countin' up, that's fo shore
n***as be cap, n***as bе hoes
If I got to, I'm kickin' doors

[Verse 2: @Teller23]
Uh, I just bought something you can't afford
This is a tess, but I trеat it like a ford
She ridin' me like a 2020 Porsche
The way she get [?], that b*t*h deserve awards
I'm countin' the checks I do that sh*t, of course
He tryin' his best, but to me it's the worst
Slump that boy out, I leave him in the dirt
I do not pop on percs, but you could get the work
I don't f**k wit these hoes 'cause they get on my nerves
And I'm f**kin' on this b*t*h, if he try me he get murked

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