Suprise Ending (Solo Version)


[Verse 1:]
I didn't notice the signs
You covered both of my eyes
(Mix-match text messages, voicemail evidence)
The audience yellin', "damn, she's blind"
Now it's all so clear
And I was also not scared
(Now I know she missed stunt double skipped on it)
Audience kept yellin', "Not the space

I could say that I knew the whole time, but I would be lyin'
You'd have to be a hidden camera, recordin' each take of cryin'
I would say that I would just go to your part, to stop the taping
But the end's here, and I can't change it

So I laugh, cuz you think I'm finished
You don't know I've set up an suprise ending
In love, sometimes you don't win it
You just don't go messing up the suprise ending
The suprise ending

[Verse 2:]
You didn't notice the signs
You thought I'd just let it slide
(Guess you kept missin' it, homeboys visitin')
The audience yellin', "yeah, that's right"
And now it's not so clear
You don't know how you missed me
Don't buy you were gone
Stopped goin' through your phone
The audience yellin', "'bout damn time"

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