Lil Tjay

"Slow Down"

For me
Baby, you ain’t got no good for me
Yeah, yeah, yeah
That boy Cash

Slow down
Try to get to know me, maybe put your phone down
Once we build a bond, I could give you four rounds
Like slow down (Slow down)
Baby, slow down (Slow down)
Like slow down (Slow down)

[Verse 1]
Yeah, you pulled up on me like you know me, I was by my dolie
Asked me for a picture, checked my Rollie and said "Okey dokey"
That fan love, I decide to give my fan hug
She said she gon' post it when I really get my bands up
Name Miranda, with the body of a dancer
She was smoking hot, but not the type to give you cancer
Besides that, her sh*t fat with a six pack
Yeah, she threw it at me ‘fore we even got to chit chat
Like ooh, girl, you might as well forget that
Said she got a man, I’m thinking he could have his b*t*h back
Future looking bright, and I ain’t even bout to risk that
Shorty, you a dime, so fine, learn to take your time
Throwing it so fast, this potential going in the trash
I ain’t even act, that sh*t make me wanna do the dash
I need a b*t*h to hold the grip when sh*t get lit
The type that I ain’t got to worry when she kiss me on my lips
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