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Lil Tjay

"One hunnit(short song)"

A man once said always keeping it one hunnit
But u know wats funny
sl*tty whore b*tches who wanna take all ur money
Make you call them honey
Drink their honey
But I don’t really mind cuz I get to f*ck that honey
Make her pus*y all runny
I can’t count how many times we done it
How many times she asked me to rub it
But u realised after all that rubbing, f*cking,sex to one hunnitt
Ur a thief, a b*tch you were born in a ditch
Thats why u wanted to control someone rich

b*tch all u are is a posuare
Straight through that facade
Is u
Pulling the gold digger card
Why don’t u just tell me u wanna be in my car b*tch
Thats why u gotta keep it one hunnit

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