Lil Tjay

{Chorus: Pop Smoke & Lil Starks}
I gotta focus
I'm up on my grind
I'm losing my mind
But ya'll gonna notice
I'm gonna climb
Number one is mine
Famous overdoses
I've got a mission and i'm getting closer, yeah ima' approach it
Knock ten out i'm bowling
Shawty just know that i can't mess with evil love
I got the forty, it floating all in my cup
Poking a cookie, i'm getting high off a dub
I got the rackies', exclusive, you know what's up
We hit the trap and we skirting right to the club
Shawty gone' dance right in front me me, make a buck
Sure i be someone to lie but i never bluff
If you gone mess with my homies you getting gunned

{Verse 1: Pop Smoke}
If you be fake, get out of the way
I'm going global, i'm counting the days
You finna' dm me, then you get played
Y'all should already know, i got a bae
I'm going global then further away
Soon i'll me making racks i can not weigh
I throw a shuriken, it be a blade
My music hot, we be setting a blaze
Oh yeah, blowing like a propane, going out with explosion
My shawty feeling different, she be feeling these emotions
I take her to the sea, i see my seed up in the ocean
Shawty sticking with me, i know that takes some devotion
Taking all these potions
Sometimes i feel hopeless
Sometimes i feel open
Sometimes no-one notice
I'm taking all my daily pills, i'm taking up my doses
Sure i make some heat, but i still strive up in the coldness
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