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42 Dugg

"Run To The Money / Been Turnt"

[Chorus: Gunna & Offset]
Run to the money, pronto (Go)
Dior pouch full of hundos (Drip)
Pent house, elevator front door (Hey)
Let my ex keep the condo (Yeah)
I move to LA like Rondo (Hey)
Cash talking all in my combo (Cash)
You bad, I'ma let my gun go (Bad)
See a ass in a Loius V puncho (Go)
Boarded up the window, this a bando (Hey)
Bag coming in by the truckload (Bag)
Ring and it's red with baguettes in the row (Guettes)
V's with the S, she got lost in the ocean (Lost)
Ain't no cap, we put M's in motion (Ms)
Straight up out the bottom, used to live with roaches (Roaches)
Diamonds like tears soaking (Tears)
All of this drip, it's clear we were chosen (Hey)

[Verse 1: Gunna]
Swag all day, built like [?], she do what I say (Yeah)
Birthday cake, keep my family straight, look how much we make
Anyway, n***a can't get in my way, even on a bad day
We mad paid, she can make her ass shake
Tip her a bag today (Bag)

[Verse 2: Offset]
Creep, crawling (Creep)
Twin turbo geeked, howling (Twin turbo)
Glock on the seat, forty (Glock)
Patek phillipes, vaulted (Patek)
Hermes stroller hold a toddler (Hermes)
I can see the plot, call it Ottawa (Plot)
This AP three hundred, you follow it (Hey)
Put the drip on her face and she swallow it (Woo)
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