42 Dugg

"It Get Deeper Pt. 2"

Lyrics from Snippet

Never bite that hand that feed you, bro, n***as greedy
Never felt what it was like to be loved, b*t*hes be cheatin'
Finally got my hand on some paper, I'm gettin' needy
Main man turnt to a hater, this sh*t is deep, over money
You would turn your back on your brother 'cause of money
I don't know a b*t*h who really love me, ain't that funny?
I could feel the East side, one hunnid
Make a freak f**k for nothin', I don't beef much at all
Still in the hood reminiscin' 'bout my dawgs
Every time my n***a call, I show out for him
My b*t*h been in the house, of course, I been goin' out more
But f**k I need clout for? I can't be outscored
No, I can't be outscored

[Verse 1]
For all my n***as that's callin', b*t*h, I'm still ballin'
Forty-three for these and I paid Mike Jordan
But a player might stop, we just sell 'em like Ox'
See a hatin' n***a, pop 'em, gettin' rich, took all they options
b*t*h, we grew up the doctors, you lil' n***as impostors
Might invest a couple houses all in Houston for my youngins
We're lookin' for the pints of Wocky
Who ain't gettin' money? Stop
But I might up a million dollars
I done f**ked a million b*t*hes
b*t*h, I got a million problems, nah, for real
Next time a n***a diss us, he gettin' killed
b*t*hes think they stickin', stickin' up, baby, I see you
If you think you can do this sh*t without me, then some did
[?] on my money, gettin' spent on the pills
Cribs on her heels, bad b*t*h who like to chills
Doggybone on her nails, free my f**kin' uncle Neff
Million dollars on this belt, I don't give a f**k no more
Real reppin' ass b*t*h, nah, I don't trust no ho
Real reppin' ass b*t*h, nah, I don't trust
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