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"Coochie Capone 4"

Alright Fellas
Ki Ki Ki- GRAWWW- Ah sh*t I missed it!

Hop on this track then I hop on ur stepsister
f*ck b*tches raw I’m an STD resistor
Got so much bread u can call me a baker, oats are disgusting I am not a Quaker
We should stay in the EU, I’m a fat Jew, I call a toilet a loo
I like my steak blue with carrots and hummus
Your Mii character looks like Louis Theroux
Squirt in my eyes got glandular fever
Let Branavan tickle her beaver (and eat her)
It’s not my fault ur poor it’s the recession
I suck my own di*k cos of crippling depression
Let her deliver my salad with feta whilst watching a big Offenbach operetta
After well return and we'll sit in the living room
Make a mess on the floor clean it up with a broom

{Do you have suicidal thoughts?
Call The Samaritans today
On 116123
We're here to help}

Coochie capone the 4th one to be made
Sipping on vodka like it’s Minute Maid

Step in the booth and I came with the drip
Ur woman’s crush Wednesday might be on my di*k

Geting mo’ stacks become stinking rich
Famous dex, see me wit yo b*tch

I’ll back the beef, show me some respect
Like Bluetooth pairing how punches connect (momma)

Hot spice needs to drop ‘breezin’ (ay)
The drink in my cup got me leaning (ay)

Call me ‘gunna’ it’s drip or drown season (huh)
The ice on my wrist got me freezing (ice)

Bring back the flow, gunna - speed it up
Toast up with close friends, get some lean in my cup

I’m on my hustle it’s just common sense
She had sweet cheeks, no lie I felt blessed

Chain on my neck and it’s icy (ay)
I like my Nando’s at Medium spicy (hot)

Riding the rhythm it’s wavy goddamn
The beats going crazy, shoutout to dan

Watch on my wrist, and it’s flooded (water)
Murder the beat, I’m cold-blooded (maud)

I’m Overtaking my peers (peers)
It’s like I’ve been rapping years (years)

Im a young thug
Having so much fun
Bring it back to basics like I’m Headie one

Living life lavish, fly out to Berlin
Bring man to ur city just for pound sterling

Coochie Capone now that’s my fam
But I’ve gone kosher, I don’t like ham
Punched a baby in the face bam bam
Haven’t seen so much Dong since Vietnam
CC4 and we outta school
Like cold genitals we testicool
Saw a girl, don’t remember what she’s called
Pulled off her wig, turned out she’s bald
Wasn't even a girl, nah I’m appalled
Just my main g uncle Harold
Dwayne Dwayne Dwayne the rock Johnson
How has this guy not played John Watson?
Benedict Benedict c*mberbatch

Ben and kiss and c*m and smash
Call me Zn8tion cause I sell out my shows
Everyone's here but where did Bran’s mates go ?
DMs flying in like flylo
My phone weighing like an instakilo
Baby got back baby got front
Man like Sherif giving that c*nt punt
The boys in the hood are always hard?
Not anymore their in the hood of my car
This is my castle this is my place
No space for kings, Hotspice is the ace

Never run a man down in my air forces
So how they got a crease in the middle
Im f*cking with all pikey b*tches
They better be shopping at lidl
Firstly a thirsty lil darling
So dumb shes calling sterling starling
So clapped it makes anna look Peng
Ur high school nickname was speng
Shes asking to ride in my drop top
She only rides with her top dropped
She's asking to suck on my di*k
Then she'll go gag and be sick
This sh*t a Jared type beat
Im hoping that jared will beat
She said dont come cos that sh*t ain't cool
But i really can't stop i be max hall
Got a light skinned friend like mj
Got a dark skinned friend like mj
Balling id pimp out your helix
Or i could just go pimp out felix

The worst rapper on CC3 is back
Coming so hard you gonna have a heart attack
Oh sh*t These bars so mad
Make you look as white as Jarad
Scoring goals like wedgebokarni
Joe naylor so blind can’t even see me
Pull up to the booth like I’m 69
Cos when I’m spitting these bars it’s a crime
Who’s that crazy lookin man
Just Dwight Schrute putting kids in his van
If this don’t get 1 million plays on Spotify
Dan jacks gonna c*m in your girls eye

The king of drip is finally here
Firetrap, lonsdale, gap and No Fear

Now I’m about to make this platinum
Flow so raw I might need some magnums

Sike never mind , my sh*t ain’t that big
In my free time I love me some trig

Sin cos and tan
Dan gallos my man

And Now I’m going baby on baby
And this sh*ts going f*cking crazy

Flow so smooth look like joe Naylor
Nah f*ck this I need my inhaler

(you f*ckin druggo
King of tha f*ckin jungle mate
The f*ck you sayin?)

{Realistically, was Harry Potter inbred?
He was born under a f*cking stairwell
Dirty Muggle
What a Cucking Funt!}


Yeah we're back for Coochie Capone 4
Enter the shed then Slam The Door
Drugs and b*tches that's the score
Napalm attacks, we want more

Aha, Just got faded, hey
Kiddies in your basement, hey
Big black nobs we take it, hey
Misogynistic racist, hey

Got a new trim, Me and my son
f*ck him in the arse now he on the run
On the run? What a plum
Leukaemiamic arsehole fun

f*ck me orange like the scalp of Dan, Yeah
Turn me brown like Branavan, Yeah

Give your b*tch my f*cking bone
I'm a pus*y criminal like Coochie Capone!

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