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Rena Strober

"Waters of Megalovania [Genocide Papyrus Remix]"

You are the ocean's mistake, destined for memes
And dreams, and maids, you f**king weeb
But the maymays never change, flowing like time
You.. bla.. bla di blaaa

In the white light, a [mumbling] reaches through
[more mumbling] I don't know the words
I don't need to know the words
I don't need to know the words cause I have 59 thousand subscribers I'm the f**king best in the world. YOOU!

Sing with me my n***as.. birth... 's and..
f**k this, I don't like this stupid song. I actually do though!
It sounds like f**king Skyward Sword
Fire Emblem's going to get sued

But I don't really care, I dont f**king care
...b*t*h shut the hell up while BotanicSage is f**king singing
I'm f**king better than you, watch this:

Oohh Oohh Oohh Oohh...

I'm the f**king best
You can't spell best without the B or the f**king S
Yes, I am great, greater than
Toby Fox and Triple-Q, combined

I actually am GiIvaSunner
You won't remember what I said, because that channel will be f**king dead
I will forever retire
As the greatest meme lord of 2016

Flintstones, meet the Flintstones
They're the average stone-age family
From the town of Deez Nuts
You can suck my big black d...

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