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"Serpent Of Death"

[Verse 1: Lil Fix]
I am a Serpent Of Death
I'm killing these beats, hold on to your breath
I'll slaughter your family, hell breaks loose
I don't care that my life is a mess, my heads in a noose
I'm drunk in my car & I swerve with no roof
I f*ck your hoe, 'cos she using no tooth
I slash at my thighs for the sense of relief that I get
I can't wait 'til I die
f*ck all these fakes, please hear all my cries
If there was a 'God' then where is he when I cry
I'm frying my brain with the drink in my cup
Let go of my feels, let my body go numb
I'm begging for help but you b*tches got love for yourselves
I'm trapped in a realm, where darkness and sorrow take over for wealth
The flames down in hell are awaiting my arrival
I have been bad but i'll still kill a rival
I take no note of the Bible, burn all the books, where's my God?
I'm suicidal, this sh*t, man it hurts, i'm feeling alone
Kicked out of my home and my dad drowned my voice like a tidal
My mental state's in decline, if there is a God, then please show me a sign
I'll change all my ways if you show me i'm blind, otherwise, get out of my sh*t, let me back on my grind
I got a day that i'll die, keeping alive every time that I cry
Pain is my friend, closer than anybody that'll be with me in the end
End of humanity, I'm trapped in my head, losing my sanity
Driving insanity straight through my brain losing hope of my vanity. causing my thoughts, to dwell on profanity

[Verse 2: ONI INC.]

[The Ran$om Elite]
Whoah-oh, don't do what i'm told, feeling like a robot and it's taking it's toll
Whoa-oh, I'm losing my soul, lost myself already but tryna take back control
Whoa-no, I should've f*cking known, type of person that'll sacrifice to sit up on the throne
Whoa-no, I'm losing my soul, lost myself already but tryna make control
[Daydream Bluu]
Where is a God when I cry?
It's all a facade, and I wanna know why
I find it quite odd on a dot in the sky
Flying like thousands of miles a second
I feel like we're browsing for signs of a beckon or maybe connection and way less aggression, depression, expression affecting the rest of us
Edge of a precipice, made a real mess of this
Oh, f*ck all the testaments, bless up
My recipe, rest in peace
Fix got the best of us, Tesla investment, when i'm like a veteran, bless up
Whoa-oh, hope you feel it in your soul
Hope you know that ONI got the motherf*cking gold
Whoa-oh, we won't ever stop the growth
Holding on forever, we ain't ever letting go

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