Animalistic lyrics



[Verse 1: ONI INC.]
b*t*h, I'ma duck, give no f**k
At the park eating my lunch
I let it off
It go "Quack"
You ain't flying after that
Give me bread, give me fishes
I want bread buttered & biscuits
I will chase every dog
Hand fed by all these b*t*hes
Like a sloth laid up
Squirrel girl on my nuts
Spiderman in the cut
Who is that, who is us?
I'll never know
But what I do is I'm goin' beast boy in this b*t*h
Got a Raven at my side and STVRFIRE is on the beat
Oh how neat, give me a treat
Bite the head off a parakeet
I don't seek, come to me
Kill all the opps, thеn prey on the weak
'Causе I'm a T. Rex b*t*h, little arms, big c*ck
Like that crab, grab the switch
Pocket rock, walk Glock
Pocket stance how I drop
Platypuses with the bop
Like a penguin, I am cold, but hot fire what I got
[Verse 2: Prompto]
I don't need no f**kin collar
I'm a lion, Hakuna matata
Speak my name, oh why I oughtta?
Like a Ram I'm f**kin' chargin', b*t*h it’s done
So, how is you doin'?
I was just drinking, I'm feelin' real stupid, keepin' it movin'
Think I'm in love, I'm a stud and you know that I'm shootin' like Cupid
Go for the heart, I've been assuming this sh*t from the start
b*t*h, I've been Noah, I'm building the ark, sailing the seas
We about to depart
I'm pressing the start, I hit the gas
I'm out of park, I'm on yo ass
Pop like a tart, eating the snacks
Always go hard, don't do the dash
Know I'm a cheetah, the leader
Bring death like the reaper
I'm eager to meet ya
Deceive ya, then leave ya
Yo hoe Mama Mia
I'll feed her, then seed her
No cap, okay I'm done, let me finish this rap

[Verse 3: Auxxk]
Gorrilla when they see me, 'cause I always got the green
All black, every moment, I ain't tryna match the fiends
You can hear it in my chest, we finna play no games (Ah)
If you starting with a flex, porkiepine with a beam
David Spade, I'm just that different
Petey Park, my senses a keen (Okay)
I ain't never been a cat
Give a f**k where we at
Like a snake, I'm killing rats (Killing rats, aye, aye)
Broke another cage, I couldn't f**k with they way
Agressive by my nature, like I pit I'm just saying
f**k about ya feelings, get the f**k out my space
Stupid ass n***a, get punched in the face
Ain't conversation, we really ain't really into barking
I thought I was a dog, but I don't need no f**k owner
b*t*h, I been a wolf, see, I always been loner
Never caught up in no bullsh*t, playing stupid like I'm Homer
Anti-social like I'm Oucho, who you touching?
I ain't with it
All them b*t*hs sound cricket
Now they food and patience thinner
Independant, f**k your mention watch me get it (Aye, b*t*h)
Lil' b*t*h
f**k 'bout your feelings, like honey the badger
I get what I want, ain't no less, you get madder
Loaf if you want and your family get splattered
L-loaf if you want and your family get splattered (Ah)

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