Wishes and Dreams lyrics

Vivian Leva

[Verse 1]
Wishes and dreams mean nothing to me
I've heard my fair share of [?] and the [?]
I used to hear what you had to say
That just like my dreams your words float away
There were millions that you held me close
And had me thinking you'd never let go
You used to say we'd be something someday
But something meant nothing and you've gone away

I'm done wishing
I'm done dreaming

[Verse 2]
I had a dream of a house by the sea
Where laughter was plеnty and love loved free
My foolish young heart thought wе'd someday be
Just like the dreams on the house by the sea

I'm done wishing
Like I'm dreaming

[Verse 3]
You were so far but still kept me close
With words of new meaning that filled me with home
I am wishing
I am dreaming

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