"쉿 (Shhh) (English translation)"

All the time
Dumbasses stay quiet
You act like nothing will work out
Forget it, you can ask later
You ask me what I'll be when I grow up
(I'll go up) way above your head

[Verse 1] (SPEARB)
Girls and boys
It's not like we're machines or anything
Ey hey day day I can't push or anything
In my dreams I just pay pay pay
To those looking at my grades asking why why why
And judging me
Students should study
That stereotype is enforced
If I want something else, I'm automatically a problem child
Whatever, I'm the center of problem children
Instead of shutting up, I'll rap
Looking at me, you spew bullsh*t
How are you a rapper
Shut your mouth
I don't like that
Yeah the adults don't listen to what I say
They say back in my day...
All you immature kids need to grow up
If you work a little harder, it'll pay off in the future
I can get 100/100 and back tumble, that's 100% a fact
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