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[Chorus: Rodney Chrome]
Get you up In private
Touching on my private’s
Screening like a siren
Grab the pillow and just bite it

[Verse 1: Rodney Chrome]
Oh f**k
Atlas be the God
Read your mind on how to get you hard
Nick name was always little rod
But my n***as never had no little rods
He can get it in the car driving over bridges
Drop the top while I drop them britches
This for all my nasty freaky b*t*hes
Gone ahead and show him you really with it

[Cell Phone skit]
Ooo b*t*h I hope he answer the phone
Cause I really wanna go off on his ass
n***a this the last time I’mma let you bust that quick
Step your d**k up
Matter of fact no, step your whole stroke up
Imma need you to act like you doing the electric slide
When you up in my sh*t
If I’m not howling to the moon like I’m in the f**king Twilight Zone
Then n***a take your ass home
Got me f**ked up
No matter of fact you got me f**ked down
Stroke so bad I had to take care of my own damn self
sh*t but anyway what you doing tomorrow
Im trynna see you
Call me
The f**k was that?

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