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[Verse 1: Rodney Chrome]
You got to come a little harder
Like my n***a 6 feet above or taller
Make me wanna drink him like a glass of water
So good he wanna walk me down the alter
Stay in your place and it will take you farther 
Never see him sweat I know he got his guard up
n***as in my web but no Peter Parker 
Slaying all these n***as call me Jeffery Dahmer

Body like a Benz, dealership
Come to my gym, membership
n***as in my hand, got a tight grip 
I’m the captain run a tight ship
I walk with a switch got a slight limp
I’m a dark n***a hit light switch 
Got a accent give a French kiss
Put a collar on you make you my b*t*h
Like Kitana b*t*h I’m with the high kick
I’m Raven I am a psychic 
And your future really wasn’t too bright sis
Name another n***a who could really write this 
I’m in your mouth like I’m f**king gingivitis 
I will f**k your body up, arthritis 
Then put you in the sky like you cannabis 

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