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[Verse 1: Rodney Chrome]
I told you 
You better not
Go give away your soul
They intercepting our connection
We breaking up
I’m trynna call your bluff
I left a message
Pressing buttons
Couldn’t get to you 
I called your cousin
He didn’t know where you were 
Or was he cappin
He trynna cover you up 

Took out some cash 
Momma say I spend it too fast
Pay it back when I’ m on stage shaking my ass
Singing bout facts 
I really went through in the past 
Heavy on gas 
Foot on the pedal trynna smash
Need a n***a with a big Jimmy like he Fallon
Grab both wrist If you flinch then I'm fouling 
Can’t take it all wave the flag throw the towel in
Playing too much he trynna f**k I’m being childish

[Chorus: Rodney Chrome]
n***as move in three’s 
Like Migos
You ain’t wanna see 
Me go
Me go

[Verse 2: Rodney Chrome]
Nick Cannon the way these n***as out and wild’n
Wild thoughts like Rihanna, Tiller, & Khaled
Come on over we can build a tint make a palace
New clothes & new goals expand your pallet

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