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[verse 1]
I went and got the Rolex
Bangle crushed like angel dust (yeah yeah)
I'm rolling up exotic
Plain or bussed, my fingers bust (bling blaw)
She say these n***as ain't
The same as us, she can't adjust
I got some jiggas and
A gang of tuss just brang a Dutch
I'm spilling beverage man
I came to club, I stained the rug (stain the rug)
Pull up in Noah’s ark and
Made it flood, it's raining slugs
These Shreveport n***as turn
Your brain to mush, they dangerous
They outchea killin n***as
Slanging drugs and banging cuz

I'm with some sloppy shooters
Right off Tchoupitoulas (off Tchoupitoulas)
Load up large computers
Walking out the jeweler’s
Lots of rugers
Smokin loud patchouli
Whistle like a flutist
Let's go do this (aye let's go)
I cannot be foolish
Watchin out for Judas
Et tu Brutus?
Rocking with the truest
Hopping out the newest
But you knew this
Nice amount of cubit
Hotbox out your Buick
It's polluted
Load it up and shoot it
Have you leaking fluid
Then reboot it
I did not dilute it
I go by the rubric
Let's get to it n***a
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