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Horus The Astroneer


Blood on the floor and my back is up against a wall
This is torture I told them I couldn't hear them when they call
It's the voices I tell you I cannot even form a thought
They speak through me before I can even plead my case at all
I'm a killer, killer
And I do not feel remorse
I have tried so many times but in the chaos it gets lost
I remember walking down the street I saw them in the dark
But I do not remember what happened next when I woke up
I was on top of them inside of this house they tried to crawl
Then I cut their throat spreading their f**king blood along the walls
Then they looked at me as if to ask why I was here at all
I said fate is just something we cannot act like we control
Then they died, died, died right there in my arms
I start to cry, cry, cry because I don't know the cause
Of why I am here in their house with a knife clutched in my palm
Stabbing over and over their f**king face without a pause

Head hanging down
To the floor kick it round
Your name tatted on my gums
Blood filling up my mouth
Violence runs in my family
Daddy's favorite hand me down
Look down at my shattered bones
Wonder if he would be proud
Hold the pain down
I am just too weak I let it out
Screaming at myself
Scaring everybody standing round
Anybody staring long
Gets an eye gouged out
Everybody gather round
Gotta choose my second victim now

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