Young Era

"If It’s Something"

If it’s something that was easy
I would find us a way
Everybody leaves too easy
Never learned how to stay

You don’t have to go and please me
Ive been wanting a break
I just left you out so greasly
What my mama would say

Emotions switch up like the seasons
You were gone by the summer
Winter came and froze my heart
I thought that ide always love her

Loyalty umong the things like
Looking out for each other
Reasons I could never trust
Or do these things for anothеr

You don’t have to play pretend
Act likе we ain’t f**k back then
I kept you from all my friends
I don’t like to tie loose ends

I tend to live in the moment
And forget about it tomorrow
Testing my patience
I’m sippin henny our the bottle
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