Yong Yello


Of course i still love you but it's hard, maybe
It's 'cause you're far from me, so indefinitely
Miss you all day long, it's driving me crazy
Love in times of corona ain't easy

[Verse 1]
Babe I need you by my side
I have to spend my day inside
It's not right with no way to get to you
You're mine, so sh*t, I'll risk that fine
That's something I don't wanna do
Sexting is exciting first couple of times
Spending all day writing couplets and rhymes
Visiting you is considered a crime
So it is an antidote
Bored out my mind
I am begging you please
Watch the reality sh*t on tv
Know that we wouldn't watch seperately
But can I watch an episode?

Love in times of corona
Yeah, we can facetime
But i wanna hold ya
Stuck at my place
It's like i barely know ya
What i wouldn't do to hold ya
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