Yong Yello

"Fever Dream"

Your illness can chase you in your sleep
That's when you experience those bizarre and intense dreams
Which feature spacial distortion, falling into darkness and Nightmarish creatues
Fever dreams

My dreams are getting really vivid
As i don't do sh*t all day
Don't touch it like ‘Sick Fit’ mad villains
Like it is doomsday
Sofas never [?]
Stuck in this f**king hallway
At home with instrumentals
I'm only giving you throwaways

Welcome to my fever dream
Where villains come to blow off steam
See they already know what you did last summer
In hell, where it is no use to scream
I blame it on the quarantine
See it's only a show but it's quite a bummer

It happened right before Christmas
Or was it on Elm Street?
E.T. like Orcs like i'I’m visiting Hellm’s Deep
‘Alien’ ‘Predator’ binging might not have done me good
Should' have listened to my bro
And watched ‘Boyz n the Hood’
I'm sweating like a pig in my bed
Next to this horse, it said
"It’s not gold, just blood in our veins
And we'’re all dead"
Doctor Lecter is serving me my brain
On a baguette
They say
"This video is deadly, so put in the cassette"
Now it follows like a nasty STD
Lost the ability to think rationally
And the neighbours acting weird
I watch '‘em through my rear window
‘Malkovich Malkovich’ stuck between the 7th and 8th floor
My people switched on me
The Blair witch on me
Might end up like Sonny
Now they'’re coming for my honey
I scream "Here'’s Johnny"
Swing an axe at the door
Redrum on the drum what you came for
Redrum on the drum what you came for
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