JUNNY (주니)

"For the Weekend"

[주니 "For the Weekend" 가사]

[Chorus: Junny]
You best believe that I'm the one
Get it, get it started
네가 원한 artist, 나
I'm feeling like another one
Pour up, pour up, oh yeah
오늘만은 넘치게 부어
‘Cause I be living for the weekend
Yeah I be living for the weekend

[Verse 1: Junny]
Lemme get right inside of my mind
There ain’t no stopping me
클럽이든, 스튜디오든
I'm feeling like what we cooking yeah
생각보다 많은 문제, yeah
Getting little tense ‘cause you see me
Working inside of my mind
And the feelings unwind, what I feel inside (yeah)

Wеooh, weooh. weooh, we
누가 뭐래도 난 flеxing
Now this feeling like a dream
끝나질 않길 원해
You know I've been on this too long
Let me start again
걸릴 건 없으니까
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