[주니 "Patience" 가사]

You know that I'm never letting go
I can see us fly around the world
I'll be fine
Everything 내 전부를 다 맡겨
네가 날 믿을 수만 있다면
I'm alright

[Verse 1]
It'll be so long
Since I've touched your face
또 네가 없을 거라는 생각에 (Ooo)
사실 난 I be getting kinda faded (Ooo)
You and I can't help our faith, yeah (Ooo)
You're my star 길을 찾아 너의 빛에 (Ooo)

The sun will shine
Light and gold
You are worth
Waiting for
이런 널 반드시
나를 바라보길
이 순간을 위해
날 믿어줄 수 있다면
You just gotta' realize, oh
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