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"Mr. U.F.O. Man"

[Verse 1]
Dear God it's me transmittin' from
This tiny place I live in Harlem
Oh Heaven we have a problem
'Cause we've lost all correspondence
And there's no more prophets
They've all been replaced with politics
And they have your people hostage
That's why I'm sending you this postage

If you're listening Mr. U.F.O. Man
Speak to Jesus tell Him we're on Earth and
Things are worse than they have ever been now
Father it's urgent we need you come down

[Verse 2: John Ostby]
Hey now, you're my father
And I don't know what's out there
So many of us are scared
Hey now, we got people shooting people
We live in warfare
I'm not talking nuclear
I ain't got there yet

Why we got intelligent mouths
On Larry King with religious doubts
While the rabbi and minister fuss
sh*t another one bites the dust
So the yellow red black and white
Send missiles in the dark of night
Probably wanna stop but don't know how
That's why Lord we really need you now


[Verse 3]
People around, if you feel our vibe ride
Come on aboard there's enough room inside
We're flying high where heaven hides
Hope I see you on the other side




[Verse 3]

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