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​wifisfuneral & Robb Bank$


[Verse 1]
Man f*ck Xxxtentacion I f*cking quit man.


We hate n*ggers!
We hate Jews!
We hate faggots!
And we hate spics!
We don't have to have a reason to hate them
Just because they breathe we hate their filthy bums!
You people need to get off your ass and wake up
This is America, the n*ggers are taking it over and the Jews
Make a stand, join the klan
White power! White power! White power!
And I hate Jews! I hate them because they exist!
I hate them because they breathe!
I hate them because they're sc*m!
The goddamn n*ggers are the sc*m of the earth!
White power!

f*ck The KKK

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