Elise Ecklund

"I made a song using the roblox death sound 2"


When I look at the sky all I see
Is Bob Ross staring down at me
Sisters reset
Run my children
Hello baddies
Why are we here
I like toast
My dad is Thanos
Dance with me I am lonely
Pizza rolls
Please carry me
Please carry me
My name is no
I need a mom
Do you need a mom too?
I'm friends with the trash can
Kidz Bop is my favorite k-pop band
Boys locker room be like
This crowd smells good
This crowd smells good
Boys locker room be like
I dropped my hot pocket
(I dropped my hot pocket)
Take it as you want or leave it
Tell me what you wanna see ‘cause
Ya know it never really meant that much to me
I wrote this song just from your chat
And this song is really rad
But I still can’t find my dad
Dad please come back
You know how I constantly try
Now every single day I cry
I guess it's just a part of all the ways I fall apart
So say what you wanna say
And let it pierce my soul so deep
I love it all
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