Elise Ecklund

"I wrote a song using only hate comments 3!"

[Verse 1]
What happened to you?
You look terrible
I love you, but you kinda look and sound like you have no soul
Your head is very large
You are so ugly, I could barf
She is not bad, but she’s not good
Your hair looks as dirty as a thrift store’s rug

Your nose’s big and mine is too
I can feel this pain (pain, pain, pain)
Go get plastic surgery, ugly
You’re so lame (very lame, very lame)

No offense, but your accent annoys me
No effense, but your nose is long
You always look and talk like you’re super stoned
What is this trash?
I hate you
My sis wrote this
No offense, me no like you (me no like you)

[Verse 2]
You’re annoying, ugly, dumb, messed up
You kinda do suck
Your head is too big for your body
Not cute, not a hottie McScotty
This is honestly really bad
I hope you improve and get more talented
Please get more talented, we’re begging
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