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Future Teens

"So What"

Live in a house full of all my stuff
I’m grown up, grown up, grown up
But I can’t be sure of
When the last time was I loved someone
So what, so what, so what

It feels hard enough to come home and make myself sleep
Eat three square meals, wash my face, brush my teeth
And find a soulmate in which I don’t believe
If that means a lot well I don’t think it means it to me

Have no time to let in someone new
That’s not true, not true, not true
Should find a better excuse
For why I’m scared of what I can’t un-lose
I’ll make room, make room, make room

So I can tell you the thoughts that I’ve been holding in
We’ll both pretend you’re not sleeping with him
I understand now that the means always end
So let’s find out if we’re mutually friends

I’m sorry (sorry, sorry, sorry)
If you’re sorry (sorry, sorry, sorry)
I'm sorry (sorry, sorry, sorry)
If you’re sorry

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