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Future Teens

"Passed Tense"

Go back
To the way it was before I got attached
To how it felt assuming love should not go well
And when things go right it’s almost hard to tell
So used to being by myself

Then suddenly that all came undone
Maybe you can have what you want
But can you have it all at once?

Hang on
Could I just look for love some place that isn’t wrong?
And maybe find out what she meant in the parking lot
When she said you know it actually doesn’t need to be this hard
I think I finally get that part

So how can I convince the thought away
That if something good comes easy
It must be too good to stay

But then you were in my dream last night
We didn’t talk but it was nice
And I know we don’t speak in real life
But this was different you seemed fine

(I still blame you)

Instead of having that same argument
Or wondering where all six years went
You let this go, I let you win
Guess I still know you like I did back then
Now it’s just passed tense
Maybe let’s not stay friends
And I don’t blame you
But I’ll always know us like we were back then but now it’s just past tense

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